Chopping Wood

Last winter we ran out of wood.  

This was the first winter with the Lodge house, so we weren’t sure how much wood to store up.  We head a little less than a cord, which I thought would be plenty.  

Around March we totally ran out and had to make some emergency calls around to get some wood delivered.  The problem is that we have a small wood stove and need the wood cut at 14″, which apparently is not a normal length. 

So this year, I set a goal of building up my wood pile large enough to last throughout the entire season.  I’ve been cutting trees down, cutting them to length, splitting, and stacking.  We are usually pretty busy, so I’ve been trying to sneak this project in an hour here or there once or twice a week.   

It’s now late September and I’ve built up a pretty decent pile.  Unfortunately I don’t think I’m there yet.  Also, the wood needs to season.  By ‘season’ I figure it needs to sit out for a single season, but I’m still not sure.  

Overall, I’ve found it incredible satisfying to see the lifecycle of chopping down the tree, stacking it, and now starting to burn it.  It’s hard work, but very enjoyable.