I Hate Mice

I Hate Mice.  I’ve been battling them all summer long.  We never had an issue in previous years, but for some reason this year they are everywhere.

It’s so bad that one night I opened my hockey bag in the locker room and a mouse jumped out and ran all around (I store my bag in the garage)!  Another time I was walking in the backyard and stepped on one with my bare feet!  Yuck!

I’ve caught several in the garage and a bunch more in the shed.  I now have traps everywhere.  I feel bad killing them but I don’t really see another option.  Where are all the hawks?

Anyways, I store the Christmas decorations in our shed.  Most of the things are in plastic tubs, but we bought these nice vinyl bags to store our garland.  So, turns out mice have been nesting in there for a while, since the bags were all torn and they were wet with pee and feces.  Mouse turds are a pain in the ass to clean and they are everywhere!

Does anyone know a good way to deter mice from entering a building, rather than just trapping the ones that are already there?

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