-40 degrees, no skiing this weekend

Wow, we thought last weekend was cold with a wind chill of -30.  Well, this weekend was even worse!  With wind chills of -40, it was a struggle just to get from the car to the cabin!  Some of the ski mountains were closed because of the cold, but Bretton Woods was open.

It was definitely impossible to bring the kids skiing.  Instead we took them into Littleton on Saturday, went to the candy and toy stores.  It was so cold out the water in my eyes froze solid walking from the car to the store.

Michele took the boys rock climbing at Bretton Woods while I hung back during Tommy’s nap time.  At night we made tacos, had a nerf gun battle, and celebrated Michele’s birthday.

It was so cold the cabin was having a hard time staying warm, we couldn’t get the temp above 60!  It’s looking like we’re going to get a good snow storm this week, so looking forward to some good skiing next weekend!

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